Welcome to the updated dwsChorale site.

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Here you can find my performances of works written by composers from early days to the present time, as solo alto [or occasionally bass] singer and as one-man choir with voices ranging from Bass bottom D to alto top E

The one-man multitrack choir dwsChorale began in the days of audio cassette recordings, and required me to rush between rooms in a flat in Bethnal Green using different Hi-Fi systems in each room (with the speakers from those systems in the opposite room)in order to copy one voice over the other. This may have been fairly good physical exercise but the result wasn't really CD quality and tape stretching created strange changes in tonality, so I've not included those recordings…


Eventually, as more sophisticated methods became available, the "choir" opted for multitrack cassette and then eventually for hard disk multitrack recording, and managed, in one small space, with just one microphone(and with cat looking on bemused ), to create the effect of a whole choir with the vocal chords of one solitary bass/countertenor.

The "choir" has sung in various styles from the 12th to the 21st century: favourites include "El Grillo" a medley of songs by the Beatles works by fellow living composers and, of course, David's own compositions, which can be found on dwsolo.com.

The following pages include some examples of my performances, a complete list of my videos of works by other composers and links to audio pages on Amazon, itunes, CDBaby and Spotify.